DATE: 08/17/2022

FAQ Fees

2022/2023 Assessment fee $680.00

This fee is for general maintenance of the common property, security, office staff, trash removal, sewage treatment, among other things!

2022/2023 Capital Improvement fee $265.00

This fee is to replace facilities and equipment that have outlived thier useful life!

Property Taxes due to the Sheriff of Preston County $60.00 to $185.00

This fee depends on what types of improvements you have on your lot!

Initiation Fee $106.00

This fee is to cover the cost associated with record changes and information packets containing the rules and regulations of property ownership! 

Holding Tank Pumps

A single one time pump is $24*

A single one time pump and flush is $58*

*Multiple pump plans are available please contact business office for pricing.